Face Dance version 3.4

Release date: 03 / 22 / 2018

After release version 3 which has Multi-player feature of FaceDance Challenge!

We’ve got many many feedbacks by our users.

And after released version 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 which adjusted and added some minor updates and small functions such as:

  • Quick Match (help you randomly finding opponent faster).
  • Search function which helps you re-challenge the opponent whom you remember name.

And now, verison 3.4 is coming out


  1. From now on, you’re gonna fight another FaceDance’er (your opponent) throughout 3 rounds.
  2. Each round plays in 30 seconds
  3. The duration of NEW DUEL is just only 90 seconds
    • Round 1 – PREPARE
      • Slower speed of emoticon’s movement by 30% (this is kinda easy in order to prepare your mind next 2 harder rounds).
      • No “Crazy Time” at round 1.
    • Round 2 – SPEED UP
      • Normalize the speed of emoticon’s movement, it is at 100%.
      • Still no “Crazy Time” at round 2.
    • Round 3 – GO CRAZY
      • Speed up of emoticon’s movement by 20% so totally the percent is 120% (That’s gonna fast, so hard and so challenging)
      • “Crazy Time” is here
      • Mechanic of appearance:

Some minor updates on version 3.4

  1. NEW EFFECT: a purple vortex effect is to draw the same emoticons once you correctly match 1 kind of emoticon at the same time, it’s more intersted and beautiful, right? ^_^img_4347
  2. Easier these 4 emoticons
  3. On single mode, game combine “Filter Screen” with “Play Screen” become 1 so it’s faster, satisfy the time and spend less time for best experience in Face Dance world.123-2
  4. Remove download music at the first time launch for faster experience game without waiting too long to download all resources in game.img_4340-2
  5. Change order of bottom bar (which presents the mode you want to play):
    • “MULTIPLAYER” —-> “QUICK PLAY” —-> “SINGLE”present
  6. Ascending sort at “Friends Tab” (it’s located on notification pop-up)
    1. Multiplayer mode requires an account registered on either Facebook log-in or our system.
      • Icon “Face Dance” is for user registered on our system.
      • Icon “Facebook” is for user registered on Facebook log-in.
    2. In the past, it was a mess when users with account registered on Facebook or our system order alternatively.
    3. From now on, it’s much clearly. Game will sort ascending by the group first (Register on Facebook is prior than Diffcat’s system) and then sort descending by chatting time history.ha-2

Music updated

  1. BOOM – Tiesto & Gucci Mane with Sevenn
  2. Bad – David Guetta & Showtek ft.Vassy
  3. So Far Away – Martin Garrix & David Guetta
  4. Hiphop Is Perfect – MS-Records
  5. Powerful Rock – OctoSound
  6. Gangsta Hiphop 808 – audiosputnik
  7. The Middle – Zedd
  8. FRIENDS – Marshmello & Anne-Marie
  9. Alone – Marshmello
  10. MIC DROP – BTS (Steve Aoki Remix)