FaceDance Challenge

How the world experience about mobile game today? By the hands. We try something different, you play a game by your face. This is the first experience you never try before.
We use the camera technology to detect your face in real-time, then compare your face with emotion on screen. The more your face dancing good the more score you can get.

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Tap Tap Tank

Tap tap to attack enemies and increase strength of your tank to fight boss. The battle between heroes and robots now it is continue. You are in the war and face dangerous army, make a good strategy to defeat the Tank Lords.


  • Tap to shoot the machines then collect gold.
  • Unlock new skills, power up to get maximum damage.
  • Upgrade level to make weapons more stronger.
  • Resets your game progress and awards new power.

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Gtron – Gravity Tron

Gtron is a next challenge was create by Diffcat game studio. It design with a Tron world for game with interesting gravity.

Gtron is available through both physical: up & down when it change dimension gravity. Keep the ball running, jump across gravity Tron world. Simply touch the screen and don’t let the ball hit the different color.

It ‘s hard & fun to be play.

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